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Questionnaire "innovative behavior in horses"

If your horse does something that is different from behavior generally shown by horses, please tell us about it at the “innovative behavior questionnaire”. Please do not use this questionnaire for reports on door or gate opening. You are welcome to tell us about door or gate openers at the questionnaire “open doors or gates”. We appreciate your input very much.

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Questionnaire „horses that open doors or gates“

With the general questionnaire on innovative behavior 85 descriptions of horses opening doors or gates reached us already. We would like to know as many details on the door or gate opening abilities as possible. It would be thrilling to find out whether horses show similarities, or develop individual solutions. Could you do us a great favor and answer the following questions? Please do not answer the questionnaire for horses that show other clever behaviours but do not open doors. We would appreciate very much, if you would tell us about these horses at the “innovative behavior questionnaire”.

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