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Fragebogen Innovatives Verhalten


Thank you for you interest in our online survey.

Please create a log-in using the box on the right of this page. This will allow you to change your answers after your questionnaire has been submitted and will enable us to contact you with any further questions or queries. If you do not wish to do this, you can continue without a log-in and complete the questionnaire anonymously.

If your horse does something that is different from behavior generally shown by horses, please tell us about it at the “innovative behavior questionnaire”. Please do not use this questionnaire for reports on door or gate opening. You are welcome to tell us about door or gate openers at the questionnaire “open doors or gates”. We appreciate your input very much.

Thank you for participating in our online survey.

  • The term "horse" is used for all equids (mules, donkeys and zebras) in the following questionnaire. Details of the breed can be given in the breed question or comment field on follow-up  pages.
  • Please describe the behaviour of one horse. If the behaviour is shown by several horses, it can be specified in a later section of the questionnaire.
  • Please note, that all questions marked with a *, need to be answered to proceed.
An Open stable is characterized through diversion of functional areas like, feeding, resting and paddock An Active stable is a housing system for a group of horses with automated individual feeding and an incentive to move
Inside Box means a box inside a stable without a paddock or open window to the outside. Outside Box is a box with an open window to the outside. Paddock Box is a box with an attached continously opened paddock.
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