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Questionnaire: horses that open doors or gates


Thank you for you interest in our online survey.

You can take part in this survey anonymously or under your name.

If you choose to complete the questionnaire anonymously, you will not be able to make changes after you have submitted it.

If you would like to have the option to make additions or changes later, please create a log-in and an account in the block on the right of this page.

With the general questionnaire on innovative behaviour 85 descriptions of horses opening doors or gates have already reached us. We would like to know as much about door or gate opening abilities as possible. We would love to find out whether horses show similarities in their techniques, or whether they develop individual methods. Could you do us a great favour and answer the following questions?

For horses that show other clever behaviours but do not open doors, please  tell us about these horses at the “innovative behavior questionnaire”.

Thank you for participating in our online survey.

  • The term "horse" is used for all equids (mules, donkeys and zebras) in the following questionnaire. Details of the breed can be given in the breed question or comment field.
  • Please describe the behaviour of one horse. If the behaviour is shown by several horses, it can be specified in a later section of the questionnaire.
  • Please note that all questions marked with a * need to be answered to proceed.

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